Loft Garage: Gable Style

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$ 14,900


hst extra*


Regrettably the recent fires in BC and the uncertainty in the softwood lumber markets have resulted in volatile pricing for many commodities. Please understand that because of this prices shown on our website homes, garages, sheds and other projects will not be current and may vary considerably. We've opted to leave our current pricing up as a rough guide only but would urge you call for updated pricing on any project you may be interested in. We regret any incovnenience this may cause.


Allen Homes
166 Commercial Street
Middleton, NS B0S 1P0
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Loft Garage Specs

  • Permits, Plans and Fees

    • Permits aren't included in our pre-priced packages but once we know where you're building we would be happy to include this cost.
    • Plans provided by Allen's 
    • Location certificate has not been included in this specification (may or may not be required by your municipality)

    Site Preparation              

    • Due to varying site conditions site preparation is not included. These costs can be included after we make a site visit. Site visits are free of charge.                                       


    • Engineered 4" slab tapering as required to meet engineering requirements
    • Construction mesh through whole slab to meet engineering requirements                    
    • Power trowelled finish                                 
    • Price includes 4000 Psi concrete

    Carpentry Labor              

    • Framing exterior walls, loft floor system and roof trusses
    • Sheathing and shingling roof                   
    • Installing window(s) and man door (s)                                                                   
    • Installing the garage door jamb, ext casing, and door                                     
    • Installing fascia, soffitt and vinyl siding                                                  

    Note: price does not include installation of garage door opener,                               


    • Sill gasket & pressure treated 2x6 bottom plate                                
    • KD 2x6x8' ext wall studs and top plate                                                   
    • 1/2" osb wall sheathing, typar housewrap with staples and tape
    • 2x10 spruce built up beam and metal jackposts                  
    • 2x10 spruce window, man door door headers
    • 91/2" / 117/8" lvl engineered overhead door headers as required
    • 2x10 spruce floor joist cw 3/4" orange plus T&G subfloor glued and screwed
    • 2x12 spruce stair stringers, 2x10 spruce stair treads, 1x8 pine risers, spruce handrail and brackets                                             
    • Engineered roof trusses                                                              
    • 1/2" osb roof sheathing with clips covered with Novaseal***                                                    
    • Roll vent ridge vent, white eavestarter ***                                        
    • Laminate architectural fiberglass shingles
    • 1 - 6E 170 Kohler Insulated Steel door with Weiser lockset-1 (brickmold and jamb are vinyl clad)
    • 2 - Kohler Select SSH3036 single hung window
    • Steelcraft T12 insulated sectional overhead doors - quantity and size is particular to each plan                                             
    • Aluminum fascia
    • Vented vinyl soffitt (brand is Kaycan with pressed rectangular slot)                                                                         
    • Aluminum flat stock for garage door jambs***                                                        
    • White vinyl siding ( price is based on D4 Cove) and accessories                                          

    Please Note: the following items are not included in your garage specifications                 

    • Survey work, if necessary, to locate the property lines for setback purposes                      
    • Garage Door Opener                                     
    • Interior Trim                      
    • Eavestrough
    • Labor or material to patch in where asphalt is removed or to build a ramp from existing grade up to the new garage floor height