Gable Shed with Porch

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$ 3,926


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Regrettably the recent fires in BC and the uncertainty in the softwood lumber markets have resulted in volatile pricing for many commodities. Please understand that because of this prices shown on our website homes, garages, sheds and other projects will not be current and may vary considerably. We've opted to leave our current pricing up as a rough guide only but would urge you call for updated pricing on any project you may be interested in. We regret any incovnenience this may cause.


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Gable Shed w. Porch Specs

  • Frame

    • 2x8 pressure treated floor joist
    • 2x4 stud wall material
    • 2x4 rafter material
    • 4x4x8' PT overhang posts


    • 5/8" t&g select spruce subfloor
    • 1/2" osb wall sheathing (OSB shed & VINYL shed) or 3/8" ranchwall (RANCHWALL shed) wall sheathing 
    • 1/2" osb roof sheathing

    Door Material

    • 1/2" osb door material (OSB shed) & 3/8" ranchwall (RANCHWALL shed) & 1/2" select spruce (VINYL shed) 
    • 1x4 spruce door trims


    • 1 - 17"x35" fixed vinyl shed windows


    • perforated vinyl soffitt for vinyl shed


    • aluminum fascia (RANCHWALL and VINYL sheds only) 


    • White D4 vinyl siding and trims (VINYL shed only)

    Note: Vinyl siding option includes vinyl soffitt and aluminum fascia

    Roof Covering

    • 25 year 3 in 1 fiberglass shingles 
    • Galvanized 4" starter strip for eaves and rakes

    Exterior Trim

    • 2x4x8' pt handrail and 2x2 pt spindles


    • fasteners and hardware

    Please note the following items not included in these shed packages:

    • Building Permits
    • Job Site Delivery
    • Base or Foundation materials or labor
    • Paint labor or material
    • Prefinished soffitt or fascia
    • Electrical or Plumbing